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Lori has studied skincare and product productivity for over 20 years. After receiving her Aesthetician license, she has dedicated her career to helping her clients maintain healthy skin. Whether you require a facial, waxing, or eyebrow service, Lori Faith Skincare will pamper you and go BEYOND your expectations!

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    Lori's Signature Facial - 90 minute $135.00
    90 minutes of pampering and relaxation. This is a customized facial created just for you and your skin. It includes a deep pore exfoliation and extractions. Massage treatment on both your hands, feet, and head. Rejuvenating facial massage, two masks and heavenly arms, neck and shoulder massage. An SPF-30 Sun block will be applied to your face during the day after your treatment to assure your skin is protected from the sun.
    Pumpkin Enzyme Peel - 60 minute $100.00
    The multi-talented pumpkin has special enzymes that rejuvenates your skin. When combined with glycolic acid, the pumpkin enzymes improve skin tone and texture and promote natural oxygenation to starved skin cells. Plus, pumpkin enzymes are the ultimate antioxidant protection.
    Papaya Enzyme Peel - 60 minute $100.00
    Oily Skin, Acne and Hyperpigmentation
    This effective exfoliant with Salicylic Acid helps to purify and even skin tone. Reduces dark spots caused by sun damage and acne scarring. Also used for anti-aging.
    Allergy Alert: Do not use if allergic to aspirin.
    Teen Facials - 50 minute $75.00
    Teenagers have raging hormones which often is displayed through the largest organ in the body, the skin. Suddenly, they need to pay more attention to how they take care of the face. Caring for their skin now in their teenage years, will instill a better self image, as well as a solid foundation for later in life. This treatment is designed specifically for that in mind, by providing two deep pore cleanses, exfoliation, extractions, custom mask, tone and moisturizer..
    Gentleman's Facial - 90 minute $135.00
    This facial is designed to meet a man's special skincare needs. Treatment includes brow trim and cleanup, two deep pore cleanses, enzyme extractions, custom mask, neck and shoulder massage and an amazing head massage.
    Glycolic, Lactic, or Mandelic Peels - 90 minute $150.00
    A 40% Alpha Beta Glycolic acid peel is a powerful peel formulated for normal blemished and sun damaged skin. A 30% Lactic acid peel can reduce the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation without dehydration and sensitivity. A 25% Mandelic Acid Gel Peel is formulated for sensitive skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation, rosacea and or acne. Recommended treatments are every month for a minimum of six months. An allergy test is required before starting a peel.
    Divine Back Facials - 60 minute $100.00
    Ensure that your often neglected skin of the back is as gorgeous as your face and decollete with a session devoted exclusively to your flip side. Banish unsightly blemishes and redness from your neck, shoulders and back, by cleansing, exfoliating, and a detoxifying mask. Leaves you and the skin on your back looking and feeling vibrant.
  • Women & Teenagers - Head to Toe Waxing
    ** Some medications prohibit waxing. Please check with your doctor. **

    • Complete Eyebrow Makeover$40
    • Eyebrow Maintenance, after 1st wax$25
    • Eyebrow Tint$20
    • Eyelash Tint $20
    • Lip & Brow $45
    • Upper Lip OR Lower Lip $12
    • Upper Lift AND Lower Lip $22
    • Add Chin $15
    • Side of Face$18
    • Full Face$48
    • Nostrils $15
    • Underarms$15
    • 1/2 Arm$35
    • Full Arm$60
    • Hands$20
    • Bikini$35
    • Extended Bikini$45
    • Brazilian$55
    • Full Monty$65
    • Half Leg$38
    • Full Leg$68
    • Full Leg & Bikini$95
    • Full Leg & Brazilian$120
  • Manscaping & Tanning
    ** Some medications prohibit waxing. Please check with your doctor. **

    • Chest$50+ ($85 max)
    • Back $60+ ($85 max)
    • Eyebrows$25+ (first time $40)
    • Stomach $60+
    • Legs$75+ (ankles to upper thighs)
    • Feet$30+
    • Upper Arm$50+ (above elbow to shoulder)
    • Hands$30
    • Sideburns$25
    • Nostrils$20
    • Ears$15
    • Jugular/Throat$25
    • Speedo/Bikini (groom/trim and wax bikini area, no genital waxing)$50
    • Gluts/Butt Cheeks (groom/trim and wax bikini area, no genital waxing)$50